How to save time and thousands of dollars in manufacturing costs… Avoid the top ten mistakes people make when choosing a replicator.

cd manufacturing

  1. Watch For Additional Fees Not Stated Upfront. —————————————————— A client notified us that they were quoted a price by a manufacturer, and then charged a completely different price when it came time to release their job. How could this happen? The reasoning the manufacturer gave to this client was that their graphics dept. … Read more

Getting A Product Bar Code

barcode label printing

If you want to sell your products in retail stores, you’ll need a bar code. The bar code is called a UPC (Universal Product Code). You can obtain a UPC from the Uniform Code Council. You will need to become a member of the Uniform code Council and the fee is dependent on the number … Read more

Audio CD Replication: The Inside Scoop On The Music Business

cd replication

This article was originally published in 1998 on I successfully predicted the direction of the current music industry. Now, many years later, this article still rings true… To coin a phrase, “It’s not like it used to be.” “It used to be” that major record labels discovered artists and developed and nurtured them over time. … Read more


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