How to save time and thousands of dollars in manufacturing costs… Avoid the top ten mistakes people make when choosing a replicator.


cd manufacturing1. Watch For Additional Fees Not Stated Upfront.

A client notified us that they were quoted a price
by a manufacturer, and then charged a completely
different price when it came time to release their job.
How could this happen?

The reasoning the manufacturer gave to this client was that
their graphics dept. had to fix the dvd label graphics files
supplied by the client that was off-center, and not in the
proper template.

They went ahead and fixed it for him (Nice),
but did not make him aware that there would be a fee for
this until the job was to be released. (Not nice!)

What could this client do? The manufacturer had this fellow
between a rock and a hard place,
and would not release product without final payment,
so the client angrily paid the fee, and the product was
shipped. Unfortunately, some manufacturers consider this
standard procedure!

Some manufacturers quote prices without film, proofs, file
adjustments, all of which goes into producing your job to
the highest quality standards. Make sure you get all prices
in writing.

This is part of the “rope ’em in” strategy, where some
competing manufacturing plants just try to get you in, and
then change the rules once you are playing with them.
Watch out for super low pricing. Low price means you end up
paying for it in the long run. Either in time wasted or low
quality. The old saying holds true…
“if it sounds too good to be true…it probably is”.

Some companies lure you in with free items, but charge
hundreds more than necessary for each order. The items in
question are not really free. they just calculate the cost
of the item and add it into their package rate, so you end
up paying for the “free” items anyway, even if you didn’t
need it in the first place.

Most manufacturers will charge you more to fix your graphics
if they are set up incorrectly, making file adjustments,
and often charging you without your consent. If you look
at their company policy fineprint, it’s in there.
They have the right to charge you for file adjustments if
you don’t give them your finished graphics exactly the way
they want them.

2.The Real Secret Behind Top Quality Printing.

Not all on- disc printing is the same. The secret to making
a beautiful disc is in the silk screening process.

The difference between a high quality product and low
quality is many times seen in the quality of the printed
graphics. Make sure that your manufacturer follows only the
best silk screening procedures in completing your order.
The same goes for the media.

We’ve had clients telling us that they received cds from a
manufacturer, shipped the final product to customers and got
the ultimate nightmare…discs that would not play returned
by their customers…defective!
This took weeks to replace…

Investigate the manufacturer you choose,
and be aware of their quality control practices.
Don’t be afraid of asking tough questions about their
quality and clarity of printing, and reliability
of the discs they produce. Make sure they stand
behind their product and will replace them
if they are faulty.

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